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The best essential gear for your motorcycle emergency kit- Washing clothes in ,While most people apply that to safety motorcycle gear like riding clothes and helmets, I also feel like it's responsible to have what you need to stay safe in a variety of situations...How LG is repurposing its tech to address the coronavirusIn the first part of the interview, Park speaks about 5G in South Korea .  In addition to the mask, which he said his design and engineering team turned around in a short time, he also...

5 things to clean everyday when your kids get home from school

School clothes and shoes  Kids are pretty messy -- so it's likely that they're already used to changing their clothes and shoes when they get home from school. Dr. Kesh suggests having...

Everything Samsung announced at IFA 2020

WW9800T washing machine and DV8000T tumble dryer Samsung's new washer and dryer units apparently use AI to learn your most commonly used washing modes in order to automatically suggest the...

Bayleigh Dayton Says There Was 'Additional Pressure' Playing _Big Brother...

We're friends, we're washing clothes together, we're doing all this together. I'm letting you know that I'm not going after Day. So, can we still make this work? Who do you want?"

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LG's WashTower will tackle laundry with a combined washer and dryer

However, the WashTower is in fact one complete unit. It consists of a clothes dryer on top and a washing machine underneath.  Both sections share the same single-chassis construction.