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2021 Aston Martin Vantage Roadster first drive review: New look, same thrill- Buy new cars ,As much as I'd like to tell you the Roadster is far more than just a Vantage with the roof chopped off -- some new, sun-drenched take on Aston Martin's little sports car -- really, it...School is starting -- and the broadband gap will be a massive problemParents will be able to park their cars outside the new locations -- as well as the two county libraries and four schools -- to tap into the 20Mbps download and upload connectivity.  But...

Nissan Z Proto previews hot 400Z with twin-turbo V6, manual transmission

Back then, you could still buy a new Honda S2000 , a Pontiac Solstice or even one of the last  Chrysler Crossfires . The next Z's most natural rival will be the Toyota GR Supra ,...

Canoo goes nude to show off EV platform's performance capabilities

Canoo's claim to electric-car startup fame is a capacious, round van-like vehicle  you can't actually buy. Instead, Canoo will let individuals subscribe to its retro-futuristic machine...

The Biggest PS5 Games Available For Preorder Now

See at Best Buy Destruction Allstars $70 Release date: November 12 Destruction Allstars is a PS5 exclusive launch title. A vehicular combat game,...

Good news! The first Audi RS6 Avants have arrived in the US

As you'd expect, many of these cars are already spoken for. The RS6 Avant is the second Audi station wagon to hit the US this year, following the launch of the new A6 Allroad .

Now is a great time to sell or trade in your car

As such, dealerships are hungry for used cars that they can turn around and sell. The resulting spike in trade-in values could give your next car deal an unexpected boost.

The best drones for 2020

(This is exactly why DJI offers crash insurance for new drones.) Before you buy a drone, it's worth spending a little time researching the price and availability of replacement parts,...

Dirt 5 Delayed, And PS5 And Xbox Series X Editions Still Coming In 2020

Between now and launch in November, Codemasters will release more news and gameplay, including the debut of new cars and locations, as well as the full car list.

Rocket League shifts into free-to-play mode on Sept. 23

They just won't be able to buy a new copy on Steam once it switches over. Current owners of the game will also get a few bonuses to denote their "legacy" status. Those legacy items will be...

The best treadmill for 2020: NordicTrack, Nautilus, Peloton and more

If you have a particular affinity for race cars, you'll really like this machine. When you start a new workout, it uses lights and sounds to count you down, and the controls look like the...

Buses and Batteryloop partner to give old batteries a new life

You may not know this, but -- and that's AB , not Cars -- makes electric buses.

Money from bank hacks rarely gets laundered through cryptocurrencies

In case banks employ a know-your-customer (KYC) policy and apply due diligence when setting up new accounts, some criminal groups  recruited insiders  at financial institutions to evade or...

Everything you want to know about Google Home

Where to buy a smart speaker You can buy the original $100 Google Home, the $300 Google Home Max and the $50 Nest Mini online via the Google Store . You'll also find Google's speakers...

Doing Bandit challenges and losing honor

It only took about 1.5 cars of passengers to fulfill the $50 quota. There is a bug though, if I take the train to Annesberg, the train won't leave the station and just sit there.

How car design and ride hailing could change thanks to COVID-19

We're going to have to design for the fact that different people are going to share a car, or that people are going to buy their own car again" because they won't trust ride-share for the...

Best place to buy tires online in 2020

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How to claim work expenses on your taxes

Flights, hotel rooms, rental cars, meals and tips for service are all considered travel expenses . If a passport is required for your travel, you can claim that as well.

Tesla to develop a $25,000 electric car within three years

"For a lot of people, they want to buy a Tesla, but they simply don't have the money," Musk commented. "We could make the car infinitely desirable, but if someone does not have the money,...

The 10 best car insurance companies in the US for 2020

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Streamlined development: Deploying high-performing applications and algorithms...

Case study 1: ArcelorMittal Steel giant ArcelorMittal is using machine learning to identify critical data, such as material location and conditions, held in video frames about railway cars.

This is how a real-life car gets turned into a Hot Wheels die-cast toy

For the past few years Hot Wheels has held the Legends Tour, which sees owners of modified cars from all over the country compete for the chance to get their car produced as an actual,...

Best place to buy tires in 2020

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Toyota's new supercar showed off its lovely shape at Le Mans

And per the rules, if Toyota wants to race in the class, it needs to make at least 25 of the race cars into a production car any of us can buy. So, here's our best look at the Toyota Gazoo...

Roadshow's Tim Stevens brings his salt shaker to a talk about Tesla

Tim Stevens thinks this may be the most unlikely claim of the day, given that most states have arcane and restrictive rules about using self-driving cars , and that several of the...

India blocks 118 apps including Baidu, AliPay, PUBG, WeChat Work

Tencent has had a number of its apps blocked -- besides WeChat and PUBG, which it has an equity stake in -- including its new VooV video conferencing tool , its Weiyun storage service,...