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The Rise of Direct Internet Access (DIA): Securing Remote Users and Branch...- Indicates effective health ,The research also indicates that most organizations use a lot of SaaS applications and have high percentages of roaming users.Forrester finds 445% ROI with MuleSoftEffective API development and integration practices are critical for accelerating the delivery speed of new applications and digital transformation projects .

Trump's COVID-19 relief executive actions: Everything happening now

Talks are still stalled despite continued name-calling and finger-pointing that indicates both sides recognize the need for a relief package.

The Worker's Experience Report

Security measures must be effective, but they also must not impede the productivity of workers or their ability to collaborate.

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Forrester DMA report [SEA ENT New Logos - SCS]

Each vendors position on the vertical axis of the Forrester Wave graphic indicates the strength of its current offering.

Australian businesses to tread carefully as economic uncertainty remains high

Meanwhile, there have been other sectors, such as retail, education, and health that have unexpectedly ramped up their IT investments to keep up with demands during the pandemic.  

Survey Reveals the Importance of Technology to Spark Motivation, Enhance...

Security measures must be effective, but they also must not impede the productivity of workers or their ability to collaborate.

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How SD-WAN Supports Digital Transformation in Healthcare

Research from ESG indicates that 7 percent of healthcare organizations report having a mature digital transformation initiative, while 66 percent report they are either beginning or in...

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How SAS uses IoT and analytics to help save honey bees, the world's No. 1 food...

Honey bees' distinctive buzz indicates the hive's health, stress-level, swarms, and the queen's condition.

Beyond the Great Lockdown: Emerging Stronger to a Different Normal

One of the essential first steps must be addressing employee health and safety. New IBV research indicates that employees working from home are most concerned about their own and their...

Cisco UCS Director: Simplify Management of Converged Infrastructure

Dashboards showing system health and utilization are available to IT operati onal teams responsible for the setup and maintenance of infrastructure.

The Total Economic Impact of Vantara Cloud Services

A positive project NPV normally indicates that the investment should be made, unless other projects have higher NPVs. Return on investment (ROI) A projects expected return in per centage...

Top Threats to Cloud Computing: The Egregious 11

Stolen cryptographic keyscoupled with a lack of key rotation policymay dramatically increase effective elapsed breach time and scope.

Wearables in business: Deployment plans, anticipated benefits, and adoption...

On the upside, the data indicates wearable devices are often self-service items requiring limited IT support.

OReilly: Kubernetes Operators: Automating the Container Orchestration Platform

The VisitorsApp CR uses the following values in the status of each resource: BackendImage Indicates the image and version used to deploy the backend pods FrontendImage Indicates the image...

New Dell EMC PowerStore Delivers High-End Enterprise Storage Features at...

Primary research conducted by IDC in 2020 indicates that, among those organizations undergoing DX, 68.2 % of them are refreshing their storage infrastructure.

CrowdStrike Services Cyber Front Lines Report 2019

Comparing this years findings to 2018 indicates that dwell time increased an average of 10 days.

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Navigating Challenges: An Employee Engagement Toolkit for Leaders

Deliver effective communication amid uncertainty. Understand how to measure and improve employee engagement.

Is your Network ready for Digital Transformation - IDC Whitepaper

This indicates a healthy appetite to adopt emerging network technologies to keep up with the speed of business change.

Forrester DMA report [HK Corp]

Each vendors position on the vertical axis of the Forrester Wave graphic indicates the strength of its current offering.

Securing User Devices and Data in the Age of Digital Business - Dell...

It is the most effective way to get the work done. Getting approval from IT is painful or takes too long to get approved. My organization or management is OK with this.