Wash your hands to stay healthy

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Wash your hands to stay healthy

The hottest tech. The latest reviews. Wash your hands to stay healthy...- Wash your hands to stay healthy ,Decode the latest tech products, news and reviews. Search here and keep up with what matters in tech.Is it safe to go to the pool, lake or beach during coronavirus? What we knowWhat you can do to help stay safe In order to help keep yourself and others protected, we recommend following these guidelines: Bring your own lounge chair and towel. Don't let your kids...

How to cut your hair and do your nails at home

Next, wash your hands and try a double cleanse for your face, first with an oil cleanser and following up with a soap-based cleanser. If you do not have an oil cleanser, just skip it and...

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Camping during COVID: How to do it safely

"When you stop at gas stations, wear your mask, practice social distancing and wash your hands like you would when going to the  grocery store ," suggests Dr. Loyd.

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