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Manufacturers of chemicals

Can we kill plastic?- Manufacturers of chemicals ,As of 2018, 51% of new plastic was produced in Asia, 18% in North America and 17% in Europe, according to research from PlasticsEurope, an association that represents European plastics...Special report: Sensor'd enterprise: IoT, ML, and big data (free PDF)the application of powerful AI methods, manufacturers can now finally realize the promise and benefits of dynamic, adaptive inventory optimization, the blog post concluded.

Clean beauty products: What it means and why brands ban certain ingredients

Fragrance: Manufacturers don't technically have to say what chemicals are in fragrance since, according to Beautycounter , "Fragrance formulas are protected under federal law's...

High demand for COVID tests has pushed labs to their limit. Will they be ready...

But they are still running fewer tests than they could be because of a shortage in the supplies and chemicals they need. And they are not alone.

Transforming the manufacturing value chain with APIs

Case study: Univar Solutions Univar Solutions is a leading global distributor of specialty and basic chemicals.

BMF CEO John Kawola on 3D printing parts smaller than a human hair

John: Medical device manufacturers, drug discovery, electronics, high precision components. David: So these are tiny prints. Can you make production (i.e., strong) parts, or are they...

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