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Wash dirty hands

In India, an indestructible toilet may be the key to saving lives- Wash dirty hands ,"For example, you can get to know how many people use the toilet, how many times it got flushed, how many people actually wash their hands and if there is any malfunction, for example if...The best essential gear for your motorcycle emergency kitThese are perfect for cleaning things that aren't your hands that you don't want to gunk up a microfiber towel with. I use them all over the house too because they're easy to wash, and...

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5 things to clean everyday when your kids get home from school

"If you need to help your child with homework and you're touching a lot of their stuff, then it's probably a good idea to wash your hands before you go on with your day," Dr. Kesh says.

Can coronavirus live on your clothes and shoes? Here's what we know right now

Do I need to wash my clothes when I get home? After you come home from the grocery store , you don't have to change out of your clothes -- especially if you kept a six-foot distance from...

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